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Restoration 1 franchise is one of the most exciting opportunities to hit the restoration industry in a long time. As one of the fastest growing restoration franchises in a booming $210 billion industry, Restoration 1 is inviting new entrepreneurs and savvy investors to realize their dreams of small business ownership and take part in Restoration 1 franchise as we rapidly expand across the United States and increase our profits.

“We’re really big on financial awareness,” says Micah Findley, VP of Operations of Restoration 1. “From the outset, we put together a pro forma business plan with our franchisees to establish long-term and short-term goals. We then meet with our franchisees on a monthly basis to refine their strategy and hold them accountable to their goals, but also to provide insight into how they can be more profitable. Our number one concern is for our franchisees to be successful and that their businesses continue to exceed their expectations from a financial standpoint. When you have happy franchisees, you have a successful franchise.”

A low-cost investment opportunity with a potential for high returns, Restoration 1 can operate as a turn-key business. With the ability to operate without overhead, buildout costs, or brick and mortar expenses, Restoration 1 is far more affordable than other franchise concepts in the restoration industry. The franchise fee for your first territory is $54,900 and unlike our competition, we have prime territories available. The total investment estimate to begin operations on a new restoration franchise ranges from $84,500 to $193,125.

Consider this breakdown from Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) of revenue collected from our reporting franchised businesses from January 1 to December 31, 2018:

Number of Reporting Franchised Businesses Lowest Gross Sales Highest Gross Sales Median Gross Sales Average Gross Sales Number and Percentage Meeting or Exceeding Average
All Outlets 162 $3,794 $3,405,486 $294,607 $492,466 52 (32%)
Outlets Open 1 to 2 years 77 $3,794 $2,441,300 $147,199 $322,326 26 (34%)
Outlets Open 2 to 3 years 49 $27,607 $3,023,393 $347,331 $554,173 16 (33%)
Outlets Open 3 to 4 years 27 $16,933 $2,062,642 $364,953 $489,565 9 (33%)
Outlets Open 4 to 5 years 3 $474,004 $2,344,665 $1,537,790 $1,452,153 2 (67%)
Outlets Open 5 to 6 years 5 $648,015 $3,405,486 $1,159,552 $1,570,187 1 (20%)
Outlets Open 9+ years 1 $2,380,322 $2,380,322 $2,380,322 $2,380,322 NA

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Restoration 1 is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns, with the total investment estimate to begin operations on a new restoration franchise ranging from $84,500 to $193,125. Restoration 1 is an effectively turn-key business, with zero overhead, no buildout costs or brick and mortar expenses, making Restoration 1 far more affordable than other franchise concepts in the home restoration industry. Unlike our competition, we have prime territories available. Learn more today.

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