Meet Restoration 1’s Newest Franchisee Bryan Ligman

Georgia franchise owner starts a second career with plans to expand throughout the Atlanta area

It’s never too late to start a new career with your own business. In fact, your experiences and skills may be perfect for buying a franchise in an industry similar to one you’ve been in for decades.

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That’s Bryan Ligman’s story. Before opening his Marietta, Georgia, Restoration 1 franchise, he spent more than 30 years in the mechanical engineering field as a building scientist. Specifically, he examined how buildings operate, and he worked as a consultant for a variety of organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency.

Once he grew tired of corporate America and began thinking about transitioning out of his career, he decided to open a business. After looking at several options, Ligman realized that restoration and remediation, generally — and Restoration 1, specifically — offered an ideal fit for his background.

“Restoration 1 was by far the best option for us,” Ligman says. “A lot of my past work had to do with building science, and it directly related to remediation in some fashion. So I was very comfortable with restoration work; it’s in my wheelhouse. We also researched Restoration 1 as a company. We were impressed with the company’s background, and all the folks we talked with there were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. That really pushed us specifically to Restoration 1.”

Integrity and helping others are key features of Restoration 1

For Ligman, several aspects of our company appealed to him. He says the integrity of our team motivated him to sign on as a new franchise owner.

“The restoration industry doesn’t have the best reputation, but as we dealt with all the folks at Restoration 1, we saw that they are completely above-board and honest and want to make a difference in the industry,” Ligman says. “That really had an impact on me, because I want to make a difference, as well.”

After years in the corporate environment, Ligman was ready for a career that helped others. Restoration 1 excels at that; our franchisees are often on the front lines of tragedy and are there to solve problems for people during their most difficult times.

“Our desire to open a business wasn’t all about the money; it was about helping people,” Ligman says. “A Restoration 1 business can have a huge effect on people when they are picking up the pieces of their lives after a disaster. Of all the opportunities we looked at and businesses we considered, this one had the most impact on others.”

Restoration 1 sets new franchisees up for success

Ligman says he feels more than prepared to operate his Restoration 1 business. After completing required restoration certifications, followed by a few additional months of training, he followed an outline to launch his business.

“They have just the right level of guidance,” Ligman says. “They give you a checklist for startup with items you need to complete. That kept us on track so we didn’t miss any important steps along the way. It was just the right amount of support.”

Looking ahead

Ligman’s franchise is focusing these next few months on marketing and hiring team members. But this is just the start of what Bryan believes is a long career with Restoration 1.

“Our ultimate goal with Restoration 1 is to buy additional territories and expand. We definitely want to grow this business and dominate the Atlanta marketplace with services that only we can provide,” he says.

Learn more about becoming a Restoration 1 franchise owner

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