Restoration 1 Franchise Names Sherry Rose as Chief Operating Officer

Fast-growing restoration franchise brings on new executive to help grow the brand and deepen the culture of support

A franchise is only as good as its people — and Restoration 1, one of the fastest growing restoration franchises in the nation, has just taken its exceptional leadership to another level with the addition of Sherry Rose as Chief Operating Officer. 

Prior to joining the Restoration 1 family, Rose spent more than 15 years in the industry working in leadership and support roles for major brands such as Terminix, Merry Maids and ServiceMaster Restore, a global network of franchises that provides residential and commercial restoration services. 

With nearly two decades of experience working in the franchise and service industries, Rose says she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join Restoration 1’s visionary executive team and help build on our incredible track record of growth. 

COO Sherry Rose

“With Restoration 1 in both a building and growth mode, I felt there was an opportunity to come in and help guide and support a great future,” Rose says. “It’s certainly exciting because Restoration 1 is a smaller company that is not only maturing, but also agile. This means that if something we do doesn’t work, we can pivot as necessary and fix it.”

Restoration 1 has helped thousands of home and property owners return safely to their homes and properties after disaster strikes for more than a decade. With 300 locations sold and in 42 states throughout the United States, Restoration 1 provides an essential service in good times and bad. Whether it’s water mitigation, fire and smoke damage, or removal and remediation of mold, our fast growing restoration franchise is the brand that customers turn to when they need help. 

We recently sat down with Rose to discuss why she joined Restoration 1, what makes Restoration 1 a best-bet investment and much, much more. 

What attracted you to Restoration 1?

Rose: Originally, I was going to do some consulting for the franchise. However, after meeting with Gary Findley and the rest of the exceptional leadership team, I was offered the role that I’m in. I really enjoyed meeting the team and the fact that the brand is growing really impressed me. I felt there was a chance to come in, be part of the team, and use my experience of being in more established brands to help move the needle of growth further. It’s a very exciting time!

We know that Restoration 1 is unique in the industry because the brand deals primarily with home and property owners in times of crisis. As someone with a service background, why is customer service important in this business? 

Rose: In this industry, you have to be compassionate, empathetic, and a technical person. As a Restoration 1 franchise owner, you’re not only helping your community, but you have the opportunity to take a bad situation and make it right. For example, a family may be dealing with the loss of their home after a fire; or a business may be suffering from severe water damage to their property. Ultimately, you’re dealing with human beings, and they are expecting exceptional customer service in times of trouble. As an owner with Restoration 1, we’ll teach you the technical aspects of the business along with the other necessary skills to ensure you are confident, trustworthy and the go-to expert when home and property owners need help.

Why do you think Restoration 1 has been growing so rapidly over the last several years?

Rose: Having the opportunity to work alongside Gary Findley was a big reason that I chose to become a Restoration 1 owner. In all of my experience, I’ve never worked on the franchise development side of the business, so being able to watch him actively advance Restoration 1 was very exciting. He has assembled an incredible team and put exceptional processes in place so that Restoration 1 attracts entrepreneurs seeking to pursue an exciting and personable business opportunity.

This has worked because as franchise owners came in and grew their businesses, it created the momentum that we continue to see today. I think that’s the winning combination: we operate in a home services segment that is an essential service, and we’ve recruited exceptional entrepreneurs who are a great extension of the brand in their local markets. Ultimately, you will win and your reputation will start to propel you. 

Why is now a good time to invest in Restoration 1?

Rose: I think it’s for the person who has been looking for a chance to be part of a network in a business that is essential and has a level of service to it. For someone coming now and looking at the network and talking to our franchisees, they’re going to have a good range of people that have just started to people who have been around for a while. So, that longevity helps continue to solidify the brand and make it an easier idea for someone who is shopping to weigh whether or not this is the right fit for them.

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