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Restoration 1 owners succeeding

You can have the best boss in the entire world, and if you’re entrepreneurially minded there’s always going to be a part of you that wishes you owned the place. A franchise helps one achieve that dream with little risk.

This is exactly the case of Darrin Baker, owner of the Restoration 1 franchise in Phoenix, AZ, who was recently highlighted by Small Business Trends in an article entitled, “Secrets of Transitioning from Franchise Employee to Owner Revealed.” 

The publication traces Baker’s journey along that road, and is a perfect example of how the drive to become successful, along with a little encouragement, can blossom into a new career as a successful entrepreneur.

“I’ve always had an interest in entrepreneurship, but the idea of it and the word itself always held a bit of trepidation for me,” Baker says in the article. “As they say, a goal without a plan is just a dream, and this couldn’t have been more true for me, as I never sat down to make a plan for what I wanted to accomplish aside from knowing I wanted to be a business owner.”

“I would constantly ponder my next move while I was an employee, but it would always just be toward the next rung on the company ladder,” Baker continues. “The possibility of owning a franchise was finally brought forward to me by my then-boss. Many meetings and conversations with my wife later, we decided to pull the trigger and go into business together.”

Like so many entrepreneurs before them, Baker and his wife “moved to a completely new state to make the jump into franchise ownership.” The risk has paid off, as Baker has never lost sight of his goals, and he encourages other entrepreneurs to do the same:

“For any prospective new business owners: Please don’t get into business ownership strictly to be the boss,’’ Baker says. “Focus on helping others and making a difference. If you have your priorities straight, success will come a lot easier, and you’ll struggle much less with justifying the long days.”


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The total investment estimate for a Restoration 1 franchise ranges from $79,100 to $183,350. Because Restoration 1 is a home-based business, with little inventory and no brick and mortar expenses, costs are substantially lower than other restoration franchise brands. Restoration 1 is a low-cost investment with high potential returns. According to our Franchise Disclosure Document, Restoration 1 franchisees generate more than $1 million in sales after 12 months in business.

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