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Entrepreneurs take on a substantial risk when deciding to open a new business, often leaving careers to pursue a more lucrative and personally fulfilling opportunity. Of all the brands in the $210 billion restoration industry, no brand understands the leap of faith entrepreneurs take more than Restoration 1.

The success of Restoration 1 franchisees is the single most important issue to CEO Gary Findley, who has spent decades helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of small business ownership. Under Findley’s leadership, Restoration 1 has made significant investments in training, ongoing coaching, marketing support and more to help franchisees thrive over the long term.

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“I am most passionate about giving new entrepreneurs the opportunity to be successful in business,” says Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1. “Our franchisees invest real money into franchising with us, and we take that extremely seriously. We have a robust initial and ongoing training platform that gives our franchisees the tools they need to be successful. This is why our franchisees are able to be successful without any experience in the restoration industry. Many franchisees come from corporate America, wanting to own a business that has exceptional ROI, and is easy to run and easy to scale.”

You can’t argue with the results. Our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document reports that the average Restoration 1 franchisee generates $1 million in revenues after 12 months in business. While a seven figure revenue stream is the dream of every entrepreneur, Restoration 1 places special emphasis on financial performance.

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“We’re really big on financial awareness,” says Micah Findley, COO of Restoration 1. “From the outset, we put together a pro forma business plan with our franchisees to establish long-term and short-term goals. We then meet with our franchisees on a monthly basis to refine their strategy and hold them accountable to their goals, but also to provide insight into how they can be more profitable.”

In order to help franchisees win business quickly, Restoration 1 recently upgraded its marketing support by hiring Kurt Hurley as Vice President of Marketing. Hurley provides franchisees with a tremendous competitive advantage with marketing materials, and more importantly, coaching on how to develop an effective marketing strategy.

“A lot of our franchisees come to us without any experience in marketing a business,” Hurley says. “Because it can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of opening a new business, we’ve spent a lot of time developing a turn-key approach to marketing. When you franchise with Restoration 1, you get an intensive marketing program that is then modified to connect to how consumers want to be marketed to in your area, based on real-time analytical data. We develop the materials on your behalf and teach you how to market those materials effectively in print, digital, and through social media and direct mail. Having a plan in place greatly reduces the stress of trying to establish your business in those crucial months when your business is newly opened.”

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