Kansas City Restoration 1 Franchise Owner Tapped For Expertise

Flooding causes headaches for homeowners, and having a trusted expert on hand to deal with the chaos builds a strong, positive community reputation

The Midwest has seen record levels of flooding in recent weeks, leaving thousands of home and business owners with a soggy mess as the water receded. In Kansas City, Restoration 1 franchise owner Ryan Ulrich was sought out by local media to offer insights on what to do, or not do, when the water comes and goes.

“The most common things that can happen is that during the rainy season … in March, April and May, the heavy rain is going to lead to sump pump failures,” said Ryan Ulrich, owner of Restoration 1.

Homeowner’s story illustrates service need

Ulrich offered his thoughts alongside those of Kansas City homeowner Anthony Sealy, who described a sewage backup. He said he first thought the damage was minor, but it ended up ruining his basement floor.

“It really wasn’t that big of a deal,” Sealy said. “[Then] we recognized there was a bigger issue.” He eventually had major work redone to remove carpet and other elements of his basement.

Restoration 1 has the solutions to build business

Ullrich says that kind of reaction is common. Unfortunately, when a home or business owner doesn’t move quickly after a water event, the problem can grow worse over time because unseen water left behind can create mold and other issues. Identifying those and providing the comprehensive removal and remediation services are at the core of every Restoration 1 franchise’s success.

“Make sure you do something quickly,” Ulrich said. “If you find you have a water issue going on, don’t sit on it.”

Restoration 1 has doubled the size of its franchise network over the past couple of years, adding more than 150 locations and helping dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a business in the booming, $210 billion home-restoration industry. Those franchisees enjoy the full support of a brand that is passionately committed to their success, and that provides a service that truly helps people in times of crisis. Join Restoration 1 as we work to meet our 2019 goal of having 300 locations open throughout the country.

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