Millennial Restoration 1 Franchise Owners Find Success with Brand

Recent Baylor University graduates, Francisco “Franky” Burciaga and Alfonso Masso, enjoy are drawn to owning a Restoration 1 franchise

Millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation since the Greatest Generation returned from World War II. While college is a time of fun and exploration, the time immediately after graduation is where things start to get real.

For recent Baylor University graduates Francisco “Franky” Burciaga and Alfonso Masso, majoring in entrepreneurship paid off, as it paved the way toward getting into business quickly. The two friends chose Restoration 1 because of our proven track record, and more importantly, because they identified with our core values and the exceptional service our franchisees deliver to homeowners in need.

Just three months after graduating from Baylor University in May 2016, the friends became partners of a Restoration 1 franchise in Austin, Texas, and immediately began helping homeowners recover from damages caused by natural disasters, fire and flooding.

“There’s a lot of pressure on recent graduates to figure out what you’re going to do with your lives,” Burciaga says, adding that he and Masso both majored in entrepreneurship and knew they wanted to do something entrepreneurial. They agreed that a grassroots startup might not be the best place for millennial entrepreneurs to begin.

“We looked at a lot of franchise options and ultimately decided that Restoration 1 was a great fit for us. We had the opportunity to meet the corporate team and felt like they really identified with our entrepreneurial aspirations,” said Burciaga. “The corporate team’s values, missions and objective aligned with what we had in mind. They’re people who want to grow Restoration 1 into a national entity and I think we can translate those same goals and scale it to our operations in Austin.”

Both Burciaga and Masso agree that owning a business is a lot of work, but both take pride and pleasure in the results. Last year, when hurricane Harvey hit their home state of Texas in September, the business pair immediately packed their bags and sent members of their team to Rockport. The small coastal community, about 200 miles from Austin, suffered devastating losses. Restoration 1 was proud to assist with Rockport recovery and restoration work, Burciaga says.

“I really like that it’s your baby”  he says. “You get to craft it and put in the amount of work you want to and are able to. It’s rewarding to look at something and watch it grow. There’s also great value in creating a business where we can help each other and our clients.”

Not only is Restoration 1 a rapidly growing franchise with locations in 28 states, but it also has a good reputation with professors at Baylor.

“We were lucky enough to meet part of the corporate team through Baylor because our professors had connections with people at the executive level,” Burciaga says.

“One of the great things about opening a franchise as a young entrepreneur is that as students in business school, you’re given enough liberty to do your own thing, but you’re still guided by your professors,” he adds. “Franchising with Restoration 1 is similar in that you have the franchise to back you up and guide you in the right direction.”

Three Tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Burciaga and Masso offer three tips for other young entrepreneurs who are thinking about becoming franchise owners of Restoration 1:

Determine Whether You Have the Grit

Before you sign on the dotted line, do an exercise to find out if you have the grit to start a business. You’ll need to be able to keep on going when things get hard. And they will! If you’ve got the resilience, endurance and confidence, go for it. The rewards are worth it.

Restoration 1 removes the stress of becoming a business owner through our comprehensive and industry-leading support platform. From the minute you decide to join us, we help learn how to manage every aspect of your business, including learning how to network to build referral partners, sell your services, perform your services with expertise, manage customer relationships and effectively market your business in your community, including on your social media platforms. We provide continual reviews to help you meet financial and performance goals on a monthly basis, including the development of a business plan before you open your business.

Stick to Your Business Plan

It may sound trite, but always have a solid business plan. There’s a lot of temptation to veer off and look at the little things. It’s easy to distract yourself. You’ve got to be able to revert to your business plan for that moment of clarity when things get tough. It allows you to steer the ship in the right direction.

Restoration 1 is keen on financial awareness, and it is one of the reasons why our franchisees earn $1 million in revenues after 12 months in business on average. We help our franchisees develop a business plan, financial goals, and we help our franchisees reach those goals.

Stay Hungry

Keep your eyes on the prize and stay hungry.

Or in the words of our CEO Gary Findley, “If you’re passionate about the work you’re doing, and you have the right team supporting you, you’re going to be successful.”

Learn More About Becoming a Restoration 1 Franchise Owner

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