Owning a Restoration Franchise Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

With little inventory and no brick-and-mortar expenses, Restoration 1 costs are substantially lower than other restoration franchise brands

Going into business doesn’t have to be expensive in fact, Entrepreneur magazine named Restoration 1 as a top franchise opportunity for less than $100,000. In an industry widely known for high margins and tremendous profit-potential, the low barriers to entry helping entrepreneurs chart a path toward financial independence is what Restoration 1 is all about.

Restoration 1, the fastest-growing restoration service in the nation, is an award-winning franchise that uses advanced technologies and tools to perform restoration for residential and commercial properties that have been damaged by water, smoke, fire, mold, storms and more. Founded in 2008, Restoration 1 continues to stand out in the $210 billion restoration industry with more than 210 locations and has plans to expand to more than 500 nationwide in the next three years. 

Our franchise is successful because we treat the people we help like they are a member of our family. Unlike other restoration businesses who “storm chase,” hoping to benefit from people’s misfortunes, Restoration 1 is driven by our core values to conduct business ethically, and to always show compassion and empathy for the home and property owners who rely on us when the unexpected occurs. restoration franchise

Restoration 1 is committed to helping franchisees thrive

Additionally, we are absolutely committed to the success of our franchise owners. Our proven business model has helped several first-time entrepreneurs without any experience in the restoration industry achieve exponential results. Franchising with Restoration 1 means that you are never alone in business. From the moment the franchise agreement is signed, we provide our franchisees with everything they need to quickly ramp up their businesses and become established in their communities over the long term. 

This begins with a robust 12-day training program where we teach franchisees about every aspect of their new business, including how to become industry certified, network to build referral partners, and sell and perform your services with expertise. From there, we provide on-the-job training where new franchisees are taken on several jobs with an established franchise owner where they learn how to perform a job correctly, experience how we utilize our DASH software, and how to provide unmatched customer service for which Restoration 1 is known. 

Financial awareness is also a large part of why our franchisees are successful. During the 12-day session, we establish a pro forma business plan with every franchisee to help set realistic and achievable long-term and short-term goals. We meet with you on a weekly basis going forward to refine your strategy, help you scale your business and hold you accountable to your goals.

Owning a Restoration 1 franchise certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. Since we are a home-based business with little inventory and no brick-and-mortar expenses, costs are substantially lower than other restoration franchise brands. The total investment estimate for a Restoration 1 franchise starts at $79,100. Restoration 1 is a low-cost investment with high potential returns.

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