Restoration 1 CEO Shares Strategies at Finance Growth Conference

CEO of the fastest-growing restoration franchise opens up about what makes his brand successful

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The Franchise Times Finance Growth Conference is one of the most unique and compelling events in the franchise industry. The annual event brings in CEOs and CFOs of major franchise brands to give an in-depth look into the growth plans for hundreds of business owners and potential franchisees.

Any event that is focused on growth in the franchise industry would be incomplete without Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1. Since taking the reigns of Restoration 1 in 2016, Findley’s visionary leadership has helped make the brand the fastest-growing restoration franchise in the nation.

At the conference, Findley opened up about the astonishing growth of Restoration 1, where the brand is headed and what the leadership team does to attract the right franchisees.

Here are some highlights from his presentation:

Growth timeline

  • 2010: Restoration 1 began its journey in franchising
  • 2015: Restoration 1 had 30 locations open
  • 2016: Gary Findley becomes CEO and Restoration 1 opens 76 locations
  • 2017: Restoration 1 opens 67 locations
  • 2018: Restoration 1 opens 63 locations
  • 2019: Restoration 1 has 255 locations open in 37 states

In two years, Findley has more than doubled the size of Restoration 1, and there is no plan to slow down anytime soon. At the conference, he announced the aggressive goal to once again double the size of the franchise network, hopefully reaching 500 locations in the next few years.

Why is Restoration 1 growing so fast?

At the conference, Findley shared the reasons behind Restoration 1’s rapid growth over the past several years. For starters, Restoration 1 is a low-cost investment and Findley continually invests in franchise support, building brand equity, marketing support, financial coaching and more. Findley said the leadership team has more than 100 years of franchising experience, which means that Restoration 1 franchisees have a team they can depend on to help grow their businesses.

The real reason behind Restoration 1’s success is choosing the right franchisees, and Findley is unwavering in terms of his high standards.

“At Restoration 1, we carefully select our franchisees through an extensive candidacy process,” Findley said. “All prospective franchisees must meet personally with every member of the Leadership Team, they must attend Discovery Day and they must meet our strict financial criteria.”

Learn more about becoming a Restoration 1 franchise owner

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