Restoration 1 Franchise Announces DRY Partnership Program to Drive Revenue to Franchisees

Fastest-growing restoration franchise offers a new incentive to independent contractors to refer work to Restoration 1 franchise owners

Restoration 1, the fastest-growing restoration franchise in the nation, recently announced an initiative to help franchisees increase profitability by receiving referrals from contractors in their area.

The new initiative is called The DRY Program, and it incentivizes contractors to connect with Restoration 1 franchise owners when they spot water, mold or fire damage in a home or property they are servicing. Because independent contractors are not trained experts in discovering damage related to water, mold or fire, they can determine if the damage is there by reaching out to the experts at Restoration 1 directly. If damage is discovered, the contractors will be paid for referring work that is contracted to Restoration 1 franchise owners.

Here is how The DRY Program benefits the contractor:

  • Access to more jobs: All DRY partners will receive leads from Restoration 1 — and we make this connection easy for the contractor and for their new customer. We don’t just provide the lead — Restoration 1 will call their companies directly and set up an appointment for this referral.
  • Complimentary Damage Control: If the contractor is responsible for water damage on behalf of their customers, Restoration 1 will provide them with our state-of-the-art technology to help them get the job done right.
  • Earn Extra Income: We pay contractors for the work they send us. All DRY partners will receive compensation for referring Restoration 1 to a customer that turns into a contract. The compensation will vary depending on the size and type of the job.

The DRY Program will help Restoration 1 franchise owners increase their revenues

Customers turn to Restoration 1 because we are the experts in mold, water and fire damage — but someone needs to spot the damage. Often, home and property owners don’t know when they have a problem. Contractors who are hired for unrelated work are often the first responders, and when they spot an issue, they need to refer mold, water or fire damage to the experts in their area.

By incentivizing referring work to Restoration 1, our franchise owners benefit from expanding their referral network to help them win more jobs, giving them the potential to increase their revenues and win more business.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our franchisees maximize their profitability,” says Kurt Hurley, Vice President of Marketing for Restoration 1. “As a brand, ensuring that our franchisees are thriving in their businesses is our number one goal. The new DRY Program gives our franchisees access to greatly expand their referral network, increase their revenues and win business that they would not have had access to beforehand. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of this program.”

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