Restoration 1 Franchise Announces Eight New Openings

The fastest-growing restoration franchise continues to enter new markets
at a rapid clip

Restoration 1, the fastest-growing restoration franchise in the nation, recently announced the opening of eight new franchise locations in markets across the country. This growth comes hot on the heels of the brand’s announced goal of having 300 locations open by the end of 2019.

Restoration 1 Employee


Spread across the United States, the eight new locations include:

  • Suffolk County, New York
  • Toledo, Ohio
  • Southern Connecticut
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Northern Minnesota
  • Western Wayne County, Michigan
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Under the leadership of visionary CEO Gary Findley, who took the reins of the brand in 2016, Restoration 1 has experienced several years of rapid growth. In the span of two years, the Findley-led franchise has doubled the size of its franchise network to over 200 locations. The ambitious growth to add 100 more units to the brand by the end of next year is especially significant when the majority of the brands in the $210 billion restoration industry are either out of territory or struggling to keep up.

In a recent interview with Texas Public Radio, Findley outlines how the diversity of entrepreneurs attracted to the brand’s business model fuels rapid growth:

“We’re right at 200 locations today,” he says in the interview. “We’re looking to see at least 50 to 75 new locations per year. Our goal is to get this up to at least 500 locations over the next few years. Our tremendous growth is due to the system — our franchisees have been very successful. They come out of the gates pretty quick. There’s so much diversity in our system. Our franchisees come from all over the place — not just blue-collar workers — we have executives, investment bankers, farmers, Secret Service guys and more. We’re currently the fastest-growing restoration franchise in the country.”

Restoration 1 franchisees are on the front lines of delivering solutions to home and property owners who are in crisis. The brand’s franchisees excel at mitigating damage from water, fire, mold and more, and their efforts have helped hundreds of home and property owners return safely to their lives. As a business model, Restoration 1 has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their own dreams of owning a small business with high profit potential and the potential for lasting growth.

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