Restoration 1 Franchise Looks Forward to Year of Momentum in 2018

The fastest growing restoration franchise in the nation increases marketing support as it plans to double franchise network

Restoration 1 is the fastest growing restoration franchise in the nation. In a competitive $60 billion industry, the fact that Restoration 1 been welcoming more and more entrepreneurs to our franchise family is proof that our brand is providing a path to prosperous small business ownership and that Restoration 1 is winning the trust of the American public.

The rapid growth that Restoration 1 is currently experiencing is the result of our visionary leadership team. When CEO Gary Findley took the reins of Restoration 1 in 2016, he made swift efforts to improve the business model, to strengthen training and ongoing support, with a heightened emphasis on financial awareness. Gary’s initiatives have been extremely successful: not only has Restoration 1 added more than 100 locations in less than two years, Restoration 1 franchisees have high earning potential. According to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, the average Restoration 1 franchisee brings in $1 million in revenues after 12 months in business.

“When Gary came on board as the CEO for Restoration 1 franchise, the brand suddenly had an executive team whose sole mission is to drive value to our franchisees,” says Kurt Hurley, Vice President of Marketing with Restoration 1. “Everything that the executive team does is to help to ensure that our franchisees are running profitable and growing their businesses. As someone with a lot of experience in franchising, working with many large brands in my career, I can tell you that this kind of leadership is incredibly rare. The results in terms of both the growth of the brand and the level of profitability our franchisees are experiencing, speaks volumes as to how effective Gary’s leadership has been for Restoration 1.”

Kurt joined the Restoration 1 team this past fall to strengthen the ongoing marketing support that franchisees receive, adding to the already substantial support that franchisees receive in terms of business coaching, financial performance, industry training and certifications and more. That franchisees have access to ongoing marketing materials, and more importantly, coaching from a marketing expert as to how to develop an effective marketing strategy is a tremendous competitive advantage.

“A lot of our franchisees come to us without any experience in marketing a business,” Kurt says. “Because it can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of opening a new business, we’ve spent a lot of time developing a turn-key approach to marketing. When you franchise with Restoration 1, you get an intensive marketing program that is then modified to connect to how consumers want to be marketed to in your area, based on real-time analytical data. We develop the materials on your behalf and teach you how to market those materials effectively in print, digital, and through social media and direct mail. Having a plan in place greatly reduces the stress of trying to establish your business in those crucial months when your business is newly opened.”

It should come as no surprise that given how much support our franchisees receive that they are some of the happiest in the industry, with many opting to reinvest in the brand by adding second or third territories.

“Our franchisee validation is incredibly high, and it is in fact our number one recruitment tool,” Kurt says. “When a candidate gets the chance to speak to several of our franchisees and they find out that not only is this business relatively easy to run and easy to scale, but that the potential for high profitability is great, it becomes a no-brainer. This is also why we’re attracting entrepreneurs who were former executives in other industries, as well as entrepreneurs who have been in the restoration 1 industry for a long-time.”

Recently, Gary purchased bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, a plumbing franchise that is expected to take off like a rocket in 2018. Having two related businesses available to our franchisees is a strategic move that also speaks to where Restoration 1 is going in the New Year and beyond:

“There’s no question that bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is another avenue towards growing a Restoration 1 franchise,” Kurt says. “In the coming months, we’re going to have incentives for our Restoration 1 franchisees to become owners of bluefrog Plumbing + Drain businesses as well. These two businesses can work side-by-side to help generate revenue for the other, which is a great addition to an existing business. We expect to double the locations of both Restoration 1 and bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in the near future.”

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