Restoration 1 Franchise Owners Aren’t Storm Chasers

Fast-growing water damage restoration franchise provides a meaningful service to home and property owners when they need it most

Hurricane season is always a telling reminder of just how quickly our lives can be turned upside down. While Hurricane Dorian thankfully missed the coasts of Florida, the damage in the Carribean is upwards of $3 billion, according to CNBC, and the tragic news footage hits very close to home. For the $210 billion restoration industry, hurricane season is also a cynical time when many restoration business owners are licking their lips, hoping that they will get a chance to benefit from the action. This practice of “storm chasing” is exactly the opposite of how Restoration 1 water damage franchise owners run their businesses.

Restoration 1 water damage restoration franchise truck

Our commitment to exceptional customer service in times of crisis is exactly why Restoration 1 is the fastest growing restoration franchise in the nation. Restoration 1 franchise owners know that they’re in business to help home and property owners get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Because disaster can strike at any moment, Restoration 1 is available 24/7. While our franchise owners are extensively trained to skillfully navigate the insurance companies on behalf of the customer, as well as to get paid, what truly sets Restoration 1 apart from the competition is our commitment to exceptional customer service.

“Our franchise owners are often dealing with customers who are in the midst of a crisis, so it’s very important to have empathy,” says Micah Findley, COO of Restoration 1. “Restoration 1 employs a level of transparency that is uncommon in this industry, providing the customer with continual updates as to the status of every job, as well as a guarantee that their homes will not only be left in perfect condition, but that they will be safe to live in their homes again. We take customer service extremely seriously. We place follow-up calls with the customers to measure a customer’s happiness with our services, as well as provide franchise owners with details on the quality of their technician’s work.”

Restoration 1 franchise is a recession-resistant business model

While tropical storms are becoming more severe due to climate change, the real threats for homeowners are far more common: water damage, mold, indoor air quality issues, and fire damage. Helping homeowners recover from these common problems is where Restoration 1 excels.

“As long as there are people living in homes with running water, there is going to be water damage,” says Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1. “It’s unavoidable for home and property owners. Unfortunately, most of them don’t realize there is a problem until it’s a crisis. This is why the restoration industry is a recession-resistant business — when a crisis occurs, it isn’t an option to have it fixed or not.”

With 24/7 availability, locations are ready when disaster strikes. Restoration 1 is able to tackle jobs of any size at any time. What truly separates Restoration 1 in the industry is our franchisees’ ability to treat their customers with empathy, perform expert work without too much disruption, and help their customers return to homes and properties that are safe to inhabit.

Each of our restoration experts is fully trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). Franchise owners are trained to establish themselves in business by becoming the preferred referral partner of local plumbers, home inspectors, home adjusters, insurance agents and other third-party tradespeople who have the ability to spot a problem within a home.

“It’s much more than restoring people’s homes or their businesses, it’s restoring people’s lives,” says Craig Nelson, owner of a Restoration 1 franchise in Nashville, Tennessee. “What this boils down to is you can really help people through some challenging times, and there’s really positive revenue streams, too.”

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