Restoration 1 Franchise Owners Have Access to Multiple Revenue Streams

Fast-growing restoration franchise owners benefit from offering a full menu of services to help home and property owners in crisis

Restoration 1, the fastest-growing restoration franchise in the nation, is the exact opposite of the “storm chasing” restoration businesses that travel from disaster to disaster across the country, hoping to benefit from other people’s misfortunes.

Instead, Restoration 1 is committed to being a trusted name in the communities we serve. Our business model is driven by our core values to conduct business ethically, and to always display compassion and empathy for the home and property owners who rely on us when the unexpected occurs. Whether it’s mitigating water damage, fire and smoke damage, or removal and remediation of dangerous mold, Restoration 1 focuses on providing exceptional customer service and because we’re available 24/7, we are always ready to answer the call.

Restoration franchise restoration 1 technician in front of truck

This is the Restoration 1 Promise:

  • We are committed to customer service.
  • We are available 24/7.
  • We have 100% satisfaction guarantees.
  • We are licensed and insured.
  • We fully train and certify all our restoration specialists.

“When we get called to do a job, it’s very often that we’re dealing with a customer who is in crisis mode,” says Micah Findley, COO of Restoration 1. “We take that extremely seriously, and have steps in place to ease their minds. That allows us to be completely transparent. Before we do any work, we provide our customers with a free consultation, a quote, and a timetable of how soon a job can be completed. We also do a professional job quickly, so that our customers can move back into their homes as soon as it is safe for them to do so.”

Access to multiple revenue streams allows our franchise owners to thrive in business

Because we don’t practice, “storm chasing,” and focus on finding work in the communities we serve, our franchise owners run their businesses like CEOs. They go out in their communities and network, forging lucrative partnerships with real-estate agencies, plumbing businesses, home inspectors, tradespeople and more, to create a constant source of referrals.

Because Restoration 1 offers a full menu of services to homeowners, they are more valuable to their referral clients and can build a book of business. Restoration 1 provides ongoing financial coaching to ensure that all of our franchise owners have the answer to the question,”How am I growing my business today?” We help them create a business plan that allows them to ramp up quickly and we hold franchise owners accountable to their goals, which can help ensure long-term success.

It was networking that attracted Jeff Santana, owner of two Restoration 1 franchises in Jacksonville, Florida. Jeff was a former executive in the health care industry before he decided that he wanted to take his future into his own hands:

“I wanted to buy a business that would have positive cash flow very quickly, and this business is excellent for that,” Jeff says. “While the company does have a great marketing department, winning business requires you as the owner to be confident, network and do quality work. Restoration 1 is a great company, the executive team has integrity and they provide extensive training. This business ramps up extremely quickly, and with two franchise territories, my hands are entirely full at the moment.”

Our business model works. According to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, our top-performing franchise owners generated more than $1.5 million in average gross sales, and top 25% franchise owners generated more than $1 million in average gross sales.

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