Restoration 1 Franchise is Serious About Training

The fastest growing restoration franchise is determined to be the gold standard for training and ongoing support

Every year, millions of people across the country may rely on the restoration industry to help them in times of crisis. These can range from the severe hurricanes that have devastated communities from Puerto Rico to Texas to the more common but also dangerous mold caused by leaky pipes and aging infrastructure. One thing is certain: the people that need rely on the services of the restoration industry ought to call a brand that emphasizes training and ongoing education as much as the Restoration 1 franchise.

The emphasis on training that Restoration 1 places on franchisees and their technicians is the cornerstone of our business model. Our franchisees are serving real people with problems that are serious in nature. Since 2008, our franchisees have helped thousands of people return to homes and properties that are safe again for them to inhabit, live and work after damage occurs.

“When our customers call us, they are usually facing a serious, unwanted problem that is interrupting their quality of life,” says Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1. “It’s our commitment to our customers that we have the certifications and industry training necessary to complete our work with expertise, efficiency and quickness so that we can get our customers back in their homes or properties as quickly as possible. Unique to Restoration 1 is our commitment to also providing exceptional customer service. Our franchisees provide a level of transparency, integrity and empathy that has cemented our reputation as trustworthy and honorable.”

This well-earned reputation for trustworthy and honorable work is evident in our ability to deliver on our promise to our customers.

The Restoration 1 Promise:

  • We are committed to customer service.
  • We are available around the clock.
  • We have 100% satisfaction guarantees.
  • We are licensed and insured.
  • We fully train and certify all our restoration specialists.

Exceptional work starts with exceptional training

Because many of our franchisees join our brand without any prior experience in the restoration industry, we have established an intensive initial training platform designed to help get you get in your businesses and generating revenues as quickly as possible.

As soon as the franchise agreement is signed, you will make arrangements to attend a 12-day training session at our headquarters in Waco, TX. The training session will include everything required to understand your new business, including how to become industry certified, how to perform our services with expertise, how to sell those services, how to market effectively and how to manage a growing business.

Restoration 1 also insures that new franchisees will receive on-the-job training, where you will perform actual work alongside an established franchisees. This is important as you will understand not only how to interact with customers, you will also learn how to complete the work with confidence, and learn how to use our technology.

Most importantly, new franchisees also have significant financial performance help. Beginning at your 12-day training session, you will develop a pro forma business plan to help set realistic and achievable long-term and short-term goals. After the initial training is complete, we meet with you a weekly basis going forward to ensure that you’re meeting your goals and scaling your business effectively.

According to Item 19 in our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, our franchisees can earn over $1 million in revenues after 12 months in business.

“I am most passionate about giving new entrepreneurs the opportunity to be successful in business,” Gary says. “Our franchisees invest real money into franchising with us, and we take that extremely seriously. We have a robust initial and ongoing training platform that gives our franchisees the tools they need to be successful. This is why our franchisees are able to be successful without any experience in the restoration industry.”

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